Maximise Your Self Container Storage With These Tips

Maximise Your Self Container Storage With These Tips

As minimalist designs and economically small living spaces such as micro-apartments and tiny homes become more and more popular, storage units have not been left behind. Container storage units are excellent for storing your possessions during a move, getting huge and bulky objects out of the way and opening up extra space in your house. However, unless you are planning on renting a huge unit or several, it is imperative to learn how to pack your unit in order to make the most out of the space.

Whether you are thinking about getting a unit or already have one, these storage unit tips will certainly help you maximise your space.

Rethink Your Containers

This is not referring to the actual unit, but the containers you put inside it.

Perhaps you are relocating and just want to put your stuff in a storage space until you settle in your new house. Or maybe you are using the unit as overflow for the items that do not fit into your current house. If you are in the army, you might be storing your possessions. Regardless, if you are like most individuals, your items are packed in an array of odds and ends plastic bins, boxes, garbage bags etc.

When it comes to saving self-storage space, this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. That’s because the bags rip, the boxes do not stack well and the entire unit becomes an impending landslide.

An excellent way to make the most of your space is by getting plastic bins that are of the same size and shape. This way, everything will stack together properly and every item will be contained.

Dismantle Furniture

One of the best space-saving tips when it comes to self-storage is dismantling furniture and it might be the most time consuming one. Regardless, it might be the most important.

If you have huge furniture pieces such as beds, dining sets, desks, etc. they can take a significant amount of space and leave weird empty gaps that are difficult to fill. This will only result in a lot of wasted space.

If possible, take apart your furniture as much as you can and pack the items in flat so that you can make the most of your container storage space.

Label Everything

While this won’t save any space in the container, it will certainly make your life easier when you want to remove something out of the unit.

Labelling every bin and box inside the container makes it quick and easy to find whatever you are looking for. If you relocate and store your possessions while waiting to settle into your next residence, then this will make it much easier to find what you need until your unpack into your new house.

If you do not label your boxes, your other options will be to leave the items you require out in the open which will result to wasted space.

This is not a comprehensive list of tips that will help you maximise space in a storage container, but they will certainly help store a lot more items and make your life easier.

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